What’s Length of Days about?

Shara Kennington joins her father on a research mission to Antarctica. She falls through the ice and into the hidden world of Shalemar, where her coming has been foretold for 500 years. She fights in a bloody revolution, wins the love of a king, and earns the respect of his fellow warriors. A Prophecy predicted the coming of a savior who will bring Shalemar lasting peace. The people embrace her as The One. Her resolve is tested by war and nation building, imprisonment and freedom, and the clash of her modern perspective with Shalemar’s traditional culture.

Founded in 1531 by shipwrecked pirates, Shalemar has evolved along a different trajectory from the Outside World. Shara experiences poignant encounters and humorous missteps coming to know a people lost in time in a land where the sun rises and sets only once each year. Her story is a hopeful tale of love and friendship, epic adventure, and the transformation of a reluctant heroine into an intrepid queen worthy of the mantle thrust upon her by a people who have awaited her coming for five centuries.


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